Air Cadet League of Canada

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Dress Regulations

Air Cadet Dress Regulations

CATO 50-04 Annex A - Dress

Wearing of Badges

Civilian Clothing

All activities conducted in civilian attire (Band, Drill Team, Ground School, etc.) must uphold a positive and professional image of the Squadron and the entire Canadian Cadet Movement.  Refusal to abide by the following civilian attire regulations will result in administrative/disciplinary measures as warranted:

  • Sleepwear (pyjamas, slippers, etc.) is strictly forbidden.
  • Female cadets must tie their hair back (pony tail, braids, etc.) or wear their hair up.
  • Hair style and colour must not be bizarre, exaggerated, or unusual in appearance.
  • A combination of issued uniform parts and civilian clothing is not permitted.